Example of Essay Outline For Medical Tourist

Medical tourism is about travelling abroad for medical care with rest and relaxation. It is about going to other places to seek cheaper and quality healthcare services. Because of the demand of medical related services, medical tourism is now one of the greatest booming industries. Medical tourists are those people from all over the world who could afford to travel abroad to receive the best medication. These people have a desire for affordable, high quality care or surgery not available to their countries. Furthermore, the standard of the services offered in a place or country is one of the factors in which medical tourists is looking for.

medical-touristMedical tourism is probably just about as safe— with the provision that the patient does his or her treatment, picks a good doctor or surgeon and facility and plans the trip wisely. For a certain doctor to offer such services for medical tourism, he or she must maintain good quality standards to gain patients. A good doctor must undergo several training programs for him or her to be qualified as a general practitioner in the field of medical tourism. The global medical tourism market has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy, with revenues standing at approximately $40 billion to as much as $3 trillion.

Meanwhile, medical tourism makes the operations affordable and even better. These people cannot afford to have surgeries because these are too expensive in their home country. They can now undergo such operations due to the cheaper prices offered by the hospitals abroad. Medical tourism is the generally and accepted words used to describe people travelling outside their country for medical care, dental and surgical procedures along with rest and relaxation. In today’s world, “health is wealth”, so we should take care of it. If we are healthy individuals, we can perform our duties in our society well. But too much abuses of the body, vices, bad lifestyles and polluted environment, one could be sick, ill and acquire a disease. For us to be in good shape, medical tourism is at hand to extend its services which are standard, available, affordable and cheap.