Creative Thesis Writing

Writing is no easy task to accomplish even more so, Creative Writing. This kind of writing requires practice and continuous immersion in different reading materials to improve that skill. It is different from any other forms of writing such as Business Writing because it is a much more informal kind of writing. But don’t mistake creative writing as a solely informal writing. It still has to have coherence though with an added creative kick. But how do you add that creative kick?

creative-thesis-writingTo answer that question, let us first know what it is. Creative Writing is a writing piece that could either be done in a fictional or non-fictional way. You could choose any kind of topic with it, be it horror, comedy, drama etc. There are also many different forms of creative writing such as novels, short stories, screen play, anything that could be narrated is considered creative writing.

This is where the dilemma usually starts. Since you can write about anything and everything and in any form, you get the sense of feeling lost on where and how to start. You’d soon stare endlessly at your computer monitor thinking of words to string together.

“By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.”- Benjamin Franklin

The very first step to creative writing is preparation. But what kind of preparation you say? You need to first answer these following questions:

  1.  What are you passionate about?
  2.  What is your writing style?

Determine your passion. This is where your inspiration will come from. Then from that passion, you could derive that into writing. For example, I am an avid coffee lover and someday I would like to have my own coffee business. With that passion, I could research about coffee and write a blog about it.

Second, what is your writing style? You also have to know what type of writing you can write best at. You can know this by trying your hand at any writing style like poetry or screenplay to distinguish what style you are comfortable with. It is like trying out pants in a store; you have to find something that you will look good in.

In addition to the preparation, it could also help if you try to increase your vocabulary everyday so that you can come up with more creative words that will make your writing a lot more creative.

Now that you know how to prepare, you can already go to the next step which is actual writing.  In writing the actual creative piece, you must first outline the topics that you want to tackle in your writing. It is a must for any writer to make a structure on how the topic will flow through so that it will not end up as a piece of cluttered mess. Basic structure such as Introduction- Body- Conclusion is your friend. It has to have structure so as not to confuse your readers.

In writing your actual piece, you should always remember to write with emotion. If you followed the first step which is writing about your passion, it should not be that hard for you to make emotions come out. This emotion is also where your creativity blooms.

Finally, do not forget to proofread your work. Some readers abhor writers who do not check their work beforehand. If you want someone to appreciate your creative piece, you must always re-read.

There you have it, tips on how to make your writing creative. But there is also one more thing to add to writing creatively which is…

Start now.


Example of Essay Outline For Medical Tourist

Medical tourism is about travelling abroad for medical care with rest and relaxation. It is about going to other places to seek cheaper and quality healthcare services. Because of the demand of medical related services, medical tourism is now one of the greatest booming industries. Medical tourists are those people from all over the world who could afford to travel abroad to receive the best medication. These people have a desire for affordable, high quality care or surgery not available to their countries. Furthermore, the standard of the services offered in a place or country is one of the factors in which medical tourists is looking for.

medical-touristMedical tourism is probably just about as safe— with the provision that the patient does his or her treatment, picks a good doctor or surgeon and facility and plans the trip wisely. For a certain doctor to offer such services for medical tourism, he or she must maintain good quality standards to gain patients. A good doctor must undergo several training programs for him or her to be qualified as a general practitioner in the field of medical tourism. The global medical tourism market has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the world economy, with revenues standing at approximately $40 billion to as much as $3 trillion.

Meanwhile, medical tourism makes the operations affordable and even better. These people cannot afford to have surgeries because these are too expensive in their home country. They can now undergo such operations due to the cheaper prices offered by the hospitals abroad. Medical tourism is the generally and accepted words used to describe people travelling outside their country for medical care, dental and surgical procedures along with rest and relaxation. In today’s world, “health is wealth”, so we should take care of it. If we are healthy individuals, we can perform our duties in our society well. But too much abuses of the body, vices, bad lifestyles and polluted environment, one could be sick, ill and acquire a disease. For us to be in good shape, medical tourism is at hand to extend its services which are standard, available, affordable and cheap.

Too Hot for Comfort

Looking back to my childhood in the summer months of the 90s, I can say I used to love this time of the year. How the sun felt against my skin, how its rays danced in front of my eyes, and how it made everything look bright — I found all these appealing. As an eight-year-old, I would run in the busy streets of our village, under the 11 o’clock sun, without much worry and discomfort. However, such is no longer the case today, merely thirteen years after the turn of the millennium.

Al Gore

Al Gore giving his presentation for the “Inconvenient Truth” documentary

A couple of years ago, in college, we were made to watch Al Gore deliver his speeches in his much-talked-about, full-length documentary. As we went into it minute by minute, every single thing started to become real. We witnessed unfortunate yet factual events taking place thousands of miles away from where we were — the melting of the icebergs up north and the drying up of streams elsewhere, among many others. Climate change started ringing in my ears, and global warming developed into a fear, but not for long.

As soon as I stepped out of the academe, this fear turned into something else — a busy person’s more practical way of thinking about and dealing with problems of worldwide significance. As I walked the bare streets of the Makati Central Business District in search for a first real job, I would cuss at the sun for being too hot for comfort. I would wipe every drip of sweat trickling down my nape, with disgust and disappointment at what the world has become. Yes, I was, and still am disappointed. Of what? Of humanity.

Year after year, everyone would notice that summers get hotter. Even the rainy season, which is supposed to bring utter comfort and better sleep at night, would be warmer as expected. There was even one Christmas season, when the cool air started blowing only in late January. The worst happened when the rainy season got delayed, and a super typhoon came in and killed hundreds of lives along its way. Thus, we complain.

We complain. Families who mourn the death of their loved ones say that the government didn’t do much to make sure that people will be safe during super typhoons. The government, on the other hand, says that people are too hard-headed and do not follow calamity warnings. Even more dissatisfaction comes to surface. Owners of hot spring resorts in the province of Laguna complain about having lesser customers, because all they have are warm pools, and everyone’s looking for something refreshing.


Ah, college. Good times, good times. Am I right? Now, most of us have had our moments during our stay in our respective alma mater. So what were your college years like? Where they all about:

1. Late nights of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll!

2. Late nights of Papers, Books, and Study Groups!

If your years were more of the first choice I stated; “High Five, bro!” You must have been one heck of the frat guy, huh? Toga parties and wild nights, for sure!

“Oh, by the way, don’t forget that I don’t like onions on my burgers, buddy.” You sure know how to grill burgers like a pro! A real up and comer; McDonald’s gain, I’m sure.

jock-vs-geekNow, if you were more of the second type, constantly burning the midnight oil, toiling away and burying yourself in never ending deadlines of term papers, math equations, and practically having the library be your second home – Wow! You must have been one boring guy, eh? People must have called you things like: “Geek! Nerd! Dork!”

You must be having the time of your life working for NASA; or maybe you have had the honor to have had a meteor named after you, hmm?



Come on, man. Haven’t you ever heard of the word – RESPONSIBILITY?

“Is your future really that unimportant to you pot heads and booze lovers?”

“How about the here and now, you book worms?”

I went to college just like any normal person. I had a great run of four years. I broke hearts, I got my heart broken. I went to ball games. I went to parties. I made new friends and opened up my mind to a world of different cultures.

I had a great time. Really.
One thing that I NEVER FORGOT TO DO nor NEGLECTED was to go to class and finding time to at least do the S word at least once a day; sometimes even twice if I was up to it.

Get your mind out of the gutter, kids. S as in I always found time to STUDY!

Work – Life balance.

That’s the real secret to success. That is how you approach college. Whoever said that we can’t have our cake and eat it too, must have been one bitter little man. College isn’t as hard as you may think. Go to class. Listen in class. Take down notes. Study them later on. Do your own papers, thesis and/or dissertation.

That’s what I did. I went to class, studied, even went to parties and dated women gullible enough to go out with me. That’s the normal way to tackle four years in university. That’s how you earn your degree, and land a good job. Maybe you’ll even meet your future wife in one of your major classes!

That my dear readers, is how you measure success. Being in your 30’s, having a good paying job and great family to go home to. Happiness, who doesn’t want that?

Or would you rather be that person I often will scream at in some drive-thru window to, “Hurry it up with my order of French Fries”?

Marks of a Good Thesis Statement: Get It at the Start, be Specific and Take a Stand

When writing an essay, you may want to  inject a preview of what you are trying to say early on in your piece.   The “preview”  is called the thesis statement.  The thesis statement in one or two sentences is a “preview” of your message. After reading your thesis statement, your reader is encouraged to read further.

               With the “preview” concept in mind, there must be three attributes that would make a good thesis statement. First,  it should be at the start of the essay. Second, a good thesis statement should be concise and specific to enable  you to limit the scope of  your work.  A topic like “National Basketball Association” is too broad.   You may want to narrow the topic down to “Who is the greatest NBA player of all time?”  (Notice that this statement tries to answer a question.)  Third, a good thesis statement must make you take a stand.  A good thesis statement must express an argument where  you takes a position and invites  your readers to a discussion.  The question above  is good because it challenges you to take a stand.  Now,  you have to state categorically who  you believe is the greatest NBA player.


Mark of a Good Thesis Statement

                   The third attribute should pose a challenge for you.   You must make sure that  you are not just making a factual statement nor expressing an opinion without any basis.  Thus, sentences like “With 38,387 points, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the all-time NBA scoring leader”  is not a good thesis statement because  it is merely a statement of fact.  On the other hand, a statement like “Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the all-time greatest NBA player” may be better — but still not quite.  The statement is basically your own opinion.   It wouldn’t give the thesis help at all in representing the information that you’ve researched. You can still refine it to a sentence like “With six championships and six league Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards and top-scoring honors under his belt, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the greatest all-time NBA player.” Now, that is a good thesis statement. It is specific and concise.  It  compels you to take a stand.  And with research,   your thesis statement definitely is not just a statement of fact or an expression of opinion.

                   With a good thesis statement,  you can now begin to cite more research on why  you believe Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the greatest NBA player.  Take note, however:   your work  won’t be that easy.   You still have to prove that the other players like Michael Jordan., Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, etc. do not deserve to be called as the “greatest NBA  player.”    You’ve invited your readers to a good discussion.

                   Get it at the start (somewhere in the  first paragraph).  Be specific  so as to enable you to cover just the topics you intend to write about.  Most importantly, take a stand, based on research that you have done.   All these will make your thesis statement an interesting  “preview.”  Your readers then will want to read your essay until the very end,